Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the voluntary register.

Q. Is it compulsory for me to register?

A. No, registration is purely a personal choice. We would encourage you to have an entry on the register, as we feel it enhances your profile as a skilled social care professional, who is committed to the highest standards of care delivery.

Q. Has the register been mandated by national government?

A. No, the register has not been mandated by national government. It has been developed independently by the National Association of Care & Support Workers (NACAS) and the Institute of Health and Social Care Management (IHSCM), as a direct result of the findings contained in the People Plan for Social Care, that highlighted registration as a key element to bring England in line with the devolved regions of the UK, all of whom, have some form of mandatory registration for social care workers.

Q. Why do I need to provide a copy of my DBS and proof of address?

A. Even though the VCPR is a voluntary, we still have an obligation to ensure that we maintain and uphold the highest commitment to safeguarding vulnerable people. This is why we need to see a copy of your DBS and some proof of your address, and is a condition of registration. Once we have been able to verify your DBS and your address, this information is then deleted from our systems.

Q. I am a self employed care professional, can I register?

A. Yes, you can apply to have an entry on the voluntary register. This also applies to any self employed care professional in the devolved regions of the UK, if they a not required to mandatory register.

Q. Can I be removed from the register?

A. The short answer is yes, though we hope instances of having to remove someone from the register will be very rare. We do expect everyone who has an entry on the register to adhere to the Values Statement and the Code of Professional Conduct. However, if we are made aware of instances where a registrants behaviour or conduct falls below these standards, we will reserve the right to remove that person from the register.

Q. If I am removed from the register, will this be made public?

A. Again the short answer is no. This is a voluntary register, so any person who has been removed from the register by the registration team, will not have the details of their removal made public.

Q. Is there a fee to register?

A. As a voluntary register, there is no fee to register.

Q. What the costs in maintaining the VCPR?

A. There are significant costs in maintaining the register, despite the fact that there is no fee for having an entry on the register. These are:

  1. Infrastructure and Technology: Developing and maintaining the necessary technology infrastructure for the register, including database systems, software, and online platforms.
  2. Data Management: Costs related to data collection, validation, and management. This includes personnel to enter and update information, as well as data security measures.
  3. Compliance and Legal: Expenses associated with ensuring the register complies with relevant laws and regulations, including data protection and privacy laws. Legal consultation and compliance monitoring may be necessary.
  4. Registration and Renewal Processing: Costs related to processing registrations, renewals, and updates from professionals. This may involve staff salaries, payment processing fees, and administrative expenses.
  5. Verification and Validation: Expenses for verifying the qualifications and credentials of registered professionals. This may involve background checks, education verification, and licensing validation.
  6. Communication and Outreach: Costs for maintaining communication channels with registered professionals, including email notifications, newsletters, and updates about regulatory changes.
  7. Customer Support: Providing support services to registered professionals who have questions or issues related to their registration.
  8. Auditing and Monitoring: Conducting audits and ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with registration requirements. This may involve hiring external auditors or inspectors.
  9. Maintenance and Upgrades: Regular maintenance of the technology infrastructure and periodic upgrades to ensure the register remains secure and up-to-date.
  10. Marketing and Promotion: Costs associated with promoting the register to professionals, employers, and the public to encourage participation and trust in the register.
  11. Governance and Administration: Expenses related to the overall administration and governance of the register, including salaries for regulatory staff and board members.
  12. Insurance: Liability insurance to protect against potential legal claims or disputes related to the register's operations.
  13. Research and Development: Funds allocated for research

Q. If I no longer work as a social care worker, how do I ask to be removed from the register?

A. Simply email to let us know that you are no longer working as a social care worker, and your entry on the register will be removed. If you do return to the social care sector, and wish to have an entry on the register again, you will need to re-apply.

Q. Is the register recognised in the social care sector?

A. There is significant support for the register among care providers in England, and established senior stakeholders such as Care England. 

Q. How long will the register be active?

A. The plan is for the register to run as a pilot for six months, after which there will be a review, to see if it is to be extended. If there is sufficient evidence for it to continue, it will potentially run for a further 6 months.

Q. What will happen to the register after the pilot has ended?

A. Our aim is to gather enough evidence to present to the relevant government agencies to demonstrate that there is a real need and appetite for a mandatory register for England. During the pilot phase, we shall also be working with the Professional Standards Authority to gain accreditation for the register. Once we gain accreditation, the register will then run as a separate identity in its own right. Our hope is, that regardless of whether the government decides that mandatory registration for care professionals is needed, there will be a fully accredited and proven model that works.


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